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Step Riser Block

Step Riser Block

SKU: ST102-3D

The Step Riser Block is designed to provide you with an adjustable set of blocks that can be used for a variety of purposes. The short side is stepped in 1mm increments, while the long side is stepped in 2mm increments. Use them to ensure wings or control surfaces are level between both sides of an aircraft. Support parts in a parallel position while the glue dries. Adjustable steps allow you to set the block height to accomodate the height you need.


This is a digital STL file for printing at home. Licensed to purchaser only for personal, non-commercial use. These blocks can be prined on any resin 3D printer. Undercut edges allow you to print them directly on the build plate (no supports) without impacting fthe block functions. Scale them up or down if you prefer a different size. Print a set of 4 or as many as you need.

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