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1/144 Space Shuttle Body Flap

1/144 Space Shuttle Body Flap

SKU: 1501

The Space Shuttle Body Flap was added to the orbiter design to help protect the main engines during re-entry. By making the surface articulate up and down, engineers found it made for a powerful control surface helping to provide pitch control at high Mach numbers.  Flight control surfaces, such as the body flap, present some of the most challenging areas for the Thermal Protection System (TPS) to seal and prevent plasma entry to the moving mechanical components.


This kit reproduces the details of the body flap with proper shape and realistically tight gaps around the control surface. It may seem like a simple part, but the Revell kit does a poor job of representing the body flap. While designed around the Revell kit, this replacement should also fit most other 1/144 kits.

  • Material

    Cast Polyurethane Resin,

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