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Does the Space Shuttle Cockpit fit in the Monogram Kit?

I have had several people message me asking if the Space Shuttle Cockpit Update Set designed for the Revell kit, will fit in the Monogram kit. The short answer is... yes it does! However, there are some differences you should be aware of..

I have at least mostly built a Monogram kit, many years ago, but it would be a nightmare to take it apart to fit check my new parts. So, I decided to go down to my local hobby shop and see if they had a Monogoram shuttle kit available. They actually had two, so I purchased one!

These two kits have many differences between them, but it is hard to say that either is any better than the other. The Revell kit has better details for the tile lines and aft thrusters, plus much better window shapes. The Monogram kit, however, is probably a little more accurate in shape, especially around the nose. Either can be used to make a good model.

I used a spare set of parts from my cockpit set to check the fit. Overall, the fit is pretty good, even without modification. The bulkheads to the side of the pilot and commander seats are a little far forward relative to the windows. Monogram's windows are over sized anyway. You can mask them to the correct size and this should reduce or eliminate the issue.

There is a bit of a gap between the fuselage and the forward part of the cockpit, but again, this could be negated by masking of the windows.

Some of the bulkhead parts may not fit as nicely as they would on the Revell kit, but they can easily be modified to fit.

Here are some photos showing my fit check:

I hope this helps to answer the question. I will definitely be using my cockpit set for my next Monogram kit build!

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